Monday, November 16, 2015

A Secret Sparkle

    A Secret Sparkle

There is a secret sparkle
to quicken soon
into life
into a living thing

A knowledge of change
starts with a startled blink.

A knowledge of loss
limits who might be told
for now, briefly, as science brews
a human being.

All the while small details
become more and more real
as thoughts stir and curiosity
takes hold.

What color will her eyes be
and her hair- will it curl,
will it glint in the sun.

Who will her features echo
as time folds touching ancestors
and marriages and mingling
reaching back into forever.

Will she have my grandmother's
hazel eyes, or my daughter's
dark brown
or my dad's deep cerulean,
or her father's green grey blue.

A small speck
a sparkle, if luck holds,
a secret soon to swell
into wonderfully obvious
and alive- and adorable.

poem copyright ©2015 Anne Selden Annab

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Architect's Garden

   The Architect's Garden

Purpley blue geranium
by the round stone terrace
by the house
in the back garden
by a blue eyed cat.

From far above the garden shape
would be an open door.

Tall stucco garden walls with barely
visible vertical apertures for air
and a long low horizontal gap
giving small creatures
bunny, chipmunk, bird
incentive to come and go
gleaning beauty.

Only the back garden gate
seals tight, and the house
with its many windows
and that bright blue eyed cat
purrs as Elsie Louise
in the lightest blue

She is sky
with a lion's mane
still gold in the right light.
An old stone farmhouse
and thousands of good books
built who she is now
transplanted to town
perfecting summer
on a teacher's salary.

                  poem copyright ©2015 Anne Selden Annab

Friday, July 11, 2014

Trust ... a poem

          Trust ...a poem

Poems remind us
that meaning
is not locked in place.

It takes listening
to write, and listening
to read... remembering.

Each word has a history
creating a now with all
that has been
and all that might be.

Context changes
with mood, and the way
light hits the page...

[Do you see the same illustration I do
from King Arthur's court?]

A poem's interpretation is at all times

A kaleidoscope capture
of personal experience...

Pebbles moving in a mountain stream
of cold fresh water, pebbles
tumbling into polished
glimmering treasure,
but only for one who
notices and reflects

with human warmth
and connection.

poem copyright ©2014 Anne Selden Annab

Saturday, January 18, 2014



Delayed day break
in the dim and blur
of snow fall
at dawn...

Grey tones
with crystals.


snow clouds lighten
lifting allowing


poem & photo copyright ©2014 Anne Selden Annab

Friday, January 3, 2014

Adding Spice to Life

    Adding Spice to Life

On the day you were born,
sweet Basil,
deer were in the woods
watching us slow down.


On the day you were born,
sweet Basil,
a large flock of geese
floated on the creek.


On the day you were born,
sweet Basil,
we saw a mallard and his mate
and a merganser.


On the day you were born,
sweet Basil,
Your older brother had
garlicky hummus on pita for lunch


with slices of cucumber.

poem & photo copyright ©2014 Anne Selden Annab

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Is

         Christmas Is

Christmas is in the lights
and the songs and the stories
and the gifts we give
& the cookies we make
and share...

Christmas is in every kitten
every card, every note
every newly born baby...

Every child loved
every memory cherished.

Every falling in love
... every newlywed
every anniversary...

It is in every Advent
all purple and pink
and then heavenly blue skies
white snow- green fragrant pines
red bows.

It is apron pockets
and ruffles and recipes
with cinnamon spice
and warm apple cider
and gatherings
in and out of the kitchen

Christmas is in every tree
and the journey from seedling to here
in all homes...

And outside

it is in distant bells ringing
a train whistle blowing
geese honking
and me

loving Christmas.

poem & photo copyright ©2013 Anne Selden Annab

Thursday, December 19, 2013



Moon fall
into my early morning window

A full moon
porthole of light

lifting me
from my chair

poem & photo copyright ©2013 Anne Selden Annab